Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Hohhot Shock Glasgow Film Shoot

Shortly before I left Glasgow and its charms behind Dave asked me if I got what I wanted from the trip, filming wise.  Yes and no.  The main thing is I have footage, courtesy of actors giving me their time for nothing.  But the very nature of this amateur project has imposed severe limitations on its production values.  Limitations that seem to threaten the viability of the film, as well as enhance its creativity.  Here are some examples.  First, it's been shot predominantly on mobile phones with no lighting or film crew.  Second, the actors mostly didn't have time to learn their lines or rehearse. Third, many scenes were filmed in a big hurry, some not even completed.  In many cases, the actor says their line after it's just been told to them off camera.  Not ideal.  And also, funny stuff has happened like the lead supporting actor dropping out, me having to leave China, the lead female not wanting to show her face.  Sounds romantic but the footage and the hastily recorded ADR (sometimes one take, incomplete) is a dog's breakfast and has not been all that enjoyable.  It's just that I keep telling myself that I can fix it all in editing and post production.   And seeing that happen will be fun.

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