Thursday, 28 May 2015

Busy but not productive

I'm supposed to be revising but today I've mainly been preoccupied with Erik and the celebrities he tees up for Jamie to channel.  This morning I sent Brian May a link to this alleged 'Freddie Mercury' interview, spent ages wrapping a parcel that I had to take back home back home anyway because it was 120 g too heavy, had a wank, listened to the 'J.F.K' interview with Elisa Medhus and sent Elisa some feedback on the 'Shakespeare' interview she posted today.  I didn't say anything to upset her, because I imagine she's quite sensitive, but I wasn't blown away by it.  It's not the usual medium, Jamie, who seems to be the real deal or a genius and it shows.  As I said to her, Jamie's encounters have a tone, syntax and naturalness to them and the voice of the personality shines through.

I should perhaps note that to me it's not as simple as, Jamie is fake or the person the other end of the line is real.  There could be other options like this is a personality simulated by advanced technology in another dimension or things I can't imagine.  I dig the messages that are coming through, anyway.  J.F.K's advice about taking responsibility and being the change you want to see (he acknowledged it was a quote from Ghandi) to the person on the bus or in line really resonated with me because this is what my life is.  It's not glamorous, it comes down to these people here in Margate I feel no connection with, who I'm not that interested in and who aren't interested in me.  But if not them, then who?  As J.F.K reminded me, there is a story in every pair of eyes.

My bit today, I exchanged a couple of sentences with a human being, noting that the librarian usually worked at Westgate.  She said yes, but I work here on occasion.  End of conversation. 

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