Friday, 13 May 2016

Hello again

I’m back- after a migration to another blog* and a period of silence and even, dare I say it, mild enjoyment. Let me bring you up to speed on my life. Forty and a half and a bit more than that. Just come out of a relationship, I suppose you could call it, which lasted about 3 months to the day (I’m not prepared to scroll through my Whatsapp messages and check). I’ve got quite a few notches on the bedpost-maybe more than average- but actual days in my life I could call myself in a relationship have been so very few and far between.
 Partly because I’ve lived all over the place and have not stayed anywhere long, partly because I’m not ready. How can a creative person who can’t afford to live with creative types be called ready? I dated a lovely woman quite by chance through OKCupid but after I made it clear I might (MIGHT) leave her and go to university sometime next year (I'd made that quite clear on my OKC profile as well) she dropped me like a hot potato, which is my new OKCupid name. So I’m back on the dating scene, facing yet another summer in this country without a girlfriend. I think it's been seventeen years since I sat on an English beach with a woman. Well, there was Sanna in Cornwall but that was platonic.

* You didn't miss much. Here is an excerpt from last October:

Yesterday the guy who sold me my old fridge texted me to say he might have found the salad crisping drawer that goes with it, if I was interested.  It was an agonising decision.  A six mile round trip by foot to pick up a grubby drawer that might fit my fridge?  I decided I might as well.  This is what my life has come to. 

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