Thursday, 6 November 2014


I went to see my GP today (Thursday).  She is really lovely, still a trainee.  Actually I think all my female GPs I’ve ever had going back to the lovely one I had in Deptford through to the lovely ones I had in Farnham to the now lovely one I have in Margate have been ultra lovely.  Women are very good at the holistic approach.  Is that sexism?  I guess some men are too.   We had a very long chat, longer than I think I’ve ever chatted.  I thought the NHS was supposed to be on the verge of collapse and was happy to just explain my situation hurriedly (I never got my prescription back in Sept) and scarper but she seemed very chatty and is-there-anything-else-I-can-help-you-with.  I wonder if that is her, her training or the enthusiasm of someone fresh into their career. 

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