Monday, 2 February 2015

Alien abduction?

First, a boring observation about the weather.  It was -3 this morning, which is about as cold as it gets in Margate, really.  Snow is forecast for Tuesday and Thursday.  My four hour shift at Sense was made bearable by Imogen helping out when large queues built up but they're taking the stabilisers off in 2 weeks and I have to ride 2 wheels.  Nice girl (or woman I suppose, about my age but dressed young) called Vicky asked me what I did in my spare time.  Told her I wrote, said she'd like to read my story but later we had an awkward conversation about shoelaces and she said "I have no idea what you're talking about" when I asked her how she does hers and if they were uncomfortable like that because on her converse style trainers she had the bows tucked down the side.  Is what I was driving at rocket science?  I just made it worse the more I tried to manifest what it was I meant.  The pleasant surprise of her asking me what I did in my spare time almost the moment I met her was exactly cancelled out by the failure of that conversation.   That was the highlight and lowlight of my day.  This post has been like a news report backwards, starting with the weather, then other news.  Back to our main headline, today I discovered two light scratch marks on my arm and a small red mark... 

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