Sunday, 1 February 2015

Gambling awareness

So the one hour training session at Sense charity shop for the deaf and blind went reasonably well.  I had trouble opening a carrier bag, I may have not folded an item of clothing perfectly, but it was a reasonably unruffled slice of a day.  I walked in on an argument between a (very) disgruntled staff member and other staff, a customer dropped a pound and spent a few minutes looking for it to no avail and there was a slightly prickly moment between my shadow and the boss.  She said
"It's like talking to a brick wall," when my shadow had apparently forgotten that she will be shadowing me on Monday and my shadow (can't remember her name) replied "Don't you dare" or some such thing.  I was glad when my hour was up.  Enough drama for one day.

Speaking of fun and games, these days betting shops have signs foisted upon them- like 'Stop when the fun stops', which they have to put in their front window.  I hope I can remember this because I've come up with a fun little scheme? When I signed up with Betfred a few months ago they gave me some free money to play with.  I think perhaps I put ten pounds in and they doubled it.  Anyhow, I had thirteen pounds of unclaimed money so...with Southampton sitting pretty but threatened by the resurgence of the big boys (Spurs, Liverpool, Man U, Arsenal) my thinking is this.  Bet 6.50 on a draw at 3/1 and 6.50 on a Swansea win at 11/5 and I can't lose.  My team either moves back into third above Man U or I win comfortably.  And if Southampton do win, the odds for a QPR victory will be even better next week.  Watch this space.

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