Friday, 13 February 2015

Betfair sales drive

Kathy: Hi James! Kathy here from Betfair Casino Team. How are you doing?

Kathy: I'm here to help you claim your 200% Welcome Bonus via promotions page when you deposit and buy in with at least £20. How does that sound?

10828375: Not very good.

10828375: But thanks.

Kathy: Oh, may I ask why for feedback purposes?

10828375: I imagine that it needs to be wagered so many times the chances of retaining the deposit are small.

Kathy: I understand that you are hesitant of the requirement, however, your bets will be counted whether win or lose and you have 1 full week to fulfill it, James.

10828375: Reading inbetween the lines, you seem to be agreeing with me.

10828375: Bets being counted and time to fulfill are irrelevant and I think you know that.

Kathy: the requirement is 7 times, players think that it's hight but I have players who were able to collect winnings from the bonus, James.

Kathy: *37

10828375: Yes, that's the nature of gambling.

Kathy: Yes, that's correct, the bonus will you additional funds to play longer in the casino, you make bets and play as normal.

Kathy: You'll never know, you were able to complete the requirement already.

10828375: I'll never know but it won't keep me awake at night that I didn't.

10828375: Well done for trying Kathy

10828375: I know you get commission for a sale but I'm a tough cookie

Kathy: Alright, no pressure, James. I'm here to give out options but I respect your decision.

10828375: Thank you and have a nice evening.

Kathy: Have a good night too and try to download Betfair Casino App on your mobile and play games anywhere!

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