Friday, 19 September 2014

And I didn't say anything about Tinder

Ah, Friday night with Radio Jedna and a cup of tea.  Things could be worse.  But still, High Fidelity is a getting-ready-to-go-out-show and most Friday nights I’ve stayed indoors.  So it’s never without a tinge of regret that I’m not in Prague when I listen to it.  Going out somewhere.  I lived in Prague for a year and I’ve been back many times since.  So many that I’ve now lost count.  Where am I now?  I’m in a holding pattern.  I’m in a decompression chamber.  I’m in a cocoon.  And when I emerge I’ll flutter my wings- show the girls how bright the colours are- earn revenue, pay my taxes- die.
Ok, that depressing thought over with let’s get the news flash going.  Rev Q is back on board.  He had to be, I had to swallow my pride, ‘fess up, I had been a little hasty.  I started chronicling the comedy or errors yesterday, but there was more to come.  I don’t have the will power to tell about all of them, I’ll just paste this evaluation of a Life Purpose Reading that was given to me by Althea.

Hi Althea,
Thanks for your lovely reading. I'm figuring you might be curious to know how accurate it was. I'll take you through it.
You are an artist. A highly creative person.
Correct so far. Most of my time is taken up with creative pursuits.
I see you as creative in:
  • Cooking
  • Photography
  • Writing
I have no time for cooking, I'm far too busy with projects that mean something to me. If I could just eat a pill each day I would. I'm not a bad cook when I put my mind to it but it takes me about 3 times longer than anybody else. I've taken lots of photos in my time but I mainly don't see the point in it and just follow the crowd posting the odd pic on Facebook. It's one of the artistic pursuits I put the least store by.
And also, you live near some expansive, beautiful land. (Since I get readings from all over the world, I’m not sure where you live.) But I do see a ranch, horses, just land that expands for miles with dots of homes, rather than a congested area like New York, or suburban sprawl like Atlanta. It’s like the ranches in Texas, or flatlands like in Australia.
I live in Thanet in England, which is a highly congested area but I'll award one mark because it is by the sea and I suppose you could say that that is the expansive bit. However, dots of houses, no. Ranch, horses, no.
That’s the kind of place you need to live. Living in nature will inspire you to take your skills to the next level. Become a professional. Do videos. Publish your own books.
In short, start your own business, combining all of your passions. And spend A LOT of time outside. Nature is what inspires you, and increases your spiritual connection to God.
This is not really nature. Thanet has bits of nature and I do appreciate them but it is mainly urban and suburban. Does nature inspire me? Not....exactly. I love nature but l love architecture and cities too. Artistically nature is not particularly inspiring, spiritually it isn't my first port of call either- music is my first love. Yes, I've had a special experience in a beautiful place and the setting helped but it was a holiday romance so... for me who I'm with is the most important thing. I like what you said about starting a business that combines my passions because I have a big problem with consolidating my 30 or so interests. However, most of these require me to be indoors.
Your life will only get better with age. That, I can promise you. Your 40s are going to ROCK. You are going to wish you had been born at the age of 40 .
Hope so! :-) But I cannot comment on this as it's a prediction.
Overall, 4/10
Thanks again for the reading,

Hugs, J.

Perhaps Althea's reading will make more sense with the passing of time but for the time being Q is my kind of guy.  I’ve studied his faults but now I’ve learned to let them pass.  This time I won’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.  His let’s make lots of money philosophy doesn’t sit with me as well as might with his other clients but I am lazy and I need some one to kick me.  I am glass half empty, I need someone glass totally full.  Rev Q is outrageously optimistic.  He seems to think I can get a job that pays 3500 pounds per month by January.  Actually I don’t think he thinks that at all.  I think it’s all an act to get me off my butt and see how far I go.  But we did spent quite a bit of time last night going through jobs on British websites.  If I tried to shoot something down, he’d say- you can do that- you have transferable skills.  And he got a text from one of his clients saying she’d just got a job as an exec, so it seems he has a track record.  He said all his clients are successful and I wasn’t going to fail on his watch.  He asked to look at my CV and quite rightly identified things about it which “suck" and gave me homework.  Make fifty pounds by next week, and fix my CV.  Then I'm going to apply for 9 jobs a day.

So this might work.  And besides, the guy gave me a 90 minute session last night, it was supposed to be 7-10 minutes.  This is dedication, no? 

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