Thursday, 18 September 2014

Sold my star player

Sacked my tarot card reader (reasonably nicely) and immediately felt it was a mistake.  I’m not too concerned as to whether the REV Q is ‘genuine' or ‘fake', or something in-between: he was great to talk to.  You’ve got to take the rough with the smooth and I didn’t take the rough, which is that he is very poor at the little courtesies like replying to messages!  I ordered a 25 dollar gig to keep him sweet- rather than a 5 dollar one- which is really all I wanted and he messages me to suggest Friday.  So I message back to suggest a time and then days later nothing and when Friday comes nothing and so I go on Skype and he’s not there.  As he’s already marked the gig delivered I mark request modification to keep it live and he immediately messages on Skype to say he is going off into the mountains with his boyfriend, he’ll do the reading in 2 hours when he gets there.  3 hours later, nothing.  Next morning no message of apology.  Of course, he has an excuse, he was miles from anywhere with a signal, wifi etc which is very plausible in the big ole US of A with its millions of square miles of wilderness.  Now as this is a repeat of the first gig when he didn’t answer my message and I had to request a modification to get his attention.  I’m beginning to see in the cold light of day that he doesn’t check his inbox and maybe that’s because he’s very busy or...fill in the blank... and it should be weighed up against how great he is when you actually get to talk to him.  I guess I was also a little wary of him because in my first (and last, as it turns out) session with him he said to me that my next gig would be a money tree reading, which I could order off his website.  I checked out his website and saw the reading would be 99 dollars and for a while this put me in a quandary.  He was trying to up sell from 4 dollars (his profit on Fiverr) to 99 by the power of suggestion through Skype.  Well it didn’t work.  I’m too cynical. 

So, having lost my talisman I was flush with cash (25 dollars) but unlikely to plug the gap with a player or players of commensurate calibre.    Two I ordered had to be refunded when the sellers said they couldn’t deliver.  One was a Lenormand reading.  Only allowed to ask one question.  Ok, my question was ‘When will I meet my next girlfriend.’  Seller replies she can only give advice on how to increase my chances of meeting.   For the most part I can advise myself on that.  Gig cancelled.  Other gig was a woman who promises to increase your confidence around women.  15 minute laser session.  Having advertised that she does Skype readings she says she’s not allowed to do them.  Gig cancelled.  I had a time-management coaching session with a woman in Dallas which felt amateur but something good may come from it if I follow her suggestions.
They amounted to, check out the The Pomodoro Technique, (wonder if she googled that as lesson prep), dig deep inside yourself to ask yourself why these things are so important and take some time out to go to a bar and be around people so you can charge yourself creatively.  Rev Q where are you when I need you?   I was hoping she would take charge and talk some sense into me like Alex Ferguson.  She left me feeling a bit ermmm, ok.  Like Alan Pardew?
(My sympathies to him).   Ok, enough football metaphors.  I’m not even that into football anyway.  Bottom line is, I don’t want to knock her confidence or damage her business so 4 and a half stars.  Plausible deniability.

Ok, one iffy deal.  Four to go.

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