Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Moan day

Had to phone up my fitness instructor yesterday and re-schedule my second session because I haven’t recovered from the first one I had on Saturday morning. He seemed understanding, “I did push you quite hard” he said. The fact is, I can hardly walk. I hobbled down to the doctor for my first appointment in Margate, re: my acne- which has been with me for 20 years and flared up on my chest of late. My new GP is an attractive young woman still in training.  She asked me if the acne affects my moods.  I said it does to some extent because I'm not presentable and she responded by asking if I’d like to book another appointment with regard to my moods- (i.e would I like anti-depressants). I said if she was talking about anti-depressants (she was) I prefer to generate positivity under my own steam. She asked to have a look and I undid my shirt buttons then did my shirt back up putting the buttons in the wrong holes and sat for the rest of the appointment in an odd posture, trying to cover up the fact that I’d done this whilst feeling sure that she was conscious that I had done so and was thinking about it. I met my step-dad at midday at the station. He’d come over to help me sand and stain my shelf. I’ve got to apply the final coat tomorrow and put it up, which will be a first. Whilst we were doing this I got a call from Sue. She is trying to start a paranormal group in Folkestone and I rang her up yesterday to say I was interested, having seen her online ad and we agreed to meet in 2 weeks. Today she was ringing me to ask if I wanted to be a co-founder. I asked her what the entails and she said I would be above the others but below her in the group hierarchy. What others? There aren’t any as yet. I’m a little apprehensive of where this is all going but I've always wanted to join a paranormal group and here is one almost on my doorstep so I think it’s best just to meet and see what happens.
Later, we went into town and the highlight of our afternoon seemed to be a tour of the German cut price supermarket Aldi, though looking at overpriced fridges in the Heart Foundation shop came a close second. We had a nice meal in The Gallery, a cheap gastro pub with 6 HD screens. Well I did. I enjoyed my feta cheese stuffed pepper and garlic bread, David said his steak was too chewy.

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