Friday, 12 September 2014

iphone schmyphone

First science class on Tuesday. Before I went I had tea (as in early dinner but also had a cup of tea) at a cafe in Canterbury Road.  A man sitting on a motorbility scooter asked me if I’d seen the news about the boy who had a hammer in his head.  I said no.  A tall drug addict I’d seen bum a drag on a cigarette at the bus stop walked in and asked for something, then walked out again, pulling the hood of his hoodie up over his head.  I wondered if it was the same guy I saw in the Job Centre who drenched one of the staff in a volley of expletives and insults.  Later I took a bus to the campus at Broadstairs.  There were 12 students including me, 10 of them female.  Turns out it’s only the foundation course so maximum exam grade will be a B.  On Wednesday they delivered the Thanet local newspaper to our apartment building and I picked up a copy and saw the hammer in head story.  One guy attacked his gay flatmate as he slept.  It was quite a colourful story but no less so than the one I’d read the week before.  I had my first Maths lesson Wednesday.  Class was full and this time many more men though possibly still out numbered by women. The teacher kept having to speak over the students at the back, which really shouldn’t be necessary in an evening class.  Had my second gym session yesterday, this time focusing on my arms.  Some of the weights chosen for me had to be reduced.  Shortly after I got back from the gym my Samsung S5 was delivered.  I waited until the launch of iPhone 6 to see what it’s spec would be and it’s still using an 8 mega pixel camera with HD video.  As video is important to me the UHD with 16 mega pixel stills you get on the Samsung wins hands down.

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