Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Dating for losers

So we have established that if I were a footballer I would be playing in the bottom division or non league, as indeed I would if I were actually playing football.  Staring into the barrel of sub mediocrity as I am, I guess it’s no surprise that a book called 'The definite guide to meeting, dating and dumping, if necessary' fell into my hands.  It is common sense but knowledge is a funny thing.  You don’t exist in a state of knowing or not knowing like binary code records things as on or off, but sort of knowing.  And sort of knowing is knowing but not knowing.  So sometimes to have things spelt out for you helps.  Some things you might take exception to.  I would never hit a woman or fart on a dinner date or but I was only reasonably confident of many of the book's tips.  It’s like so many things in life.  In effect, this book is like stone soup.  It really asks you to provide all the ingredients- nice car, nice job, nice teeth, nice clothes, nice manners but it’s magic is that it may persuade you to provide them, just like the clever old woman or soldiers depending on the variation of the tale, persuade the mean villagers to stop hiding their light under a bushel.  What a wonderful metaphor that story contains, an all time favourite of mine.

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